The clock is elegant and solemn, and the bell face is cast with Hebrew text and patterns. The movement is a US patent and must be driven by 105-125V AC. It can still work and is basically accurate. The appearance of the clock is as follows. Naturally, there is a slight dust, and the clock face has a slight scratch. When starting, it may need to be shaken or counted flat. The movement is patented in the US.

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Details & Specs
Year of Creation: Dimensions and Weight
Estimate(years): 40 Width : 14.5 cm 5.7  in
Originality: Original Height: 17.0 cm 6.7 in
Artist: Depth 6 cm 2.4  in
Features: Weight: 1  kg 2.2 lb.
Region of Origin: The above data is a simple manual measurement.
Designer: MATERIAL
Dealer Surface: PRAINED
Country: Body: copper
Manufacturer: Internal or base:
Brand: Fantasia Frame:
Quantity Type: Style:
Numbering: Subject:


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