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8MM film projector is not uncommon, but it is very good to find a set of color products, and the machine parts of the history of 30-40 years are normal. The original accessories, spare parts and instructions are not easy. It is difficult to bring the original packing box. It is. It is even more difficult to have the original factory-equipped speakers and the original original packaging box.

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Details & Specs
Year of Creation: Dimensions and Weight
Estimate(years): 50 Width : 43 cm 17  in
Originality: Original Height: 41 cm 16 in
Artist: Depth 27 cm 10.5  in
Features: Total Weight: 15.9  kg 35 lb.
Region of Origin: The above data is a simple manual measurement.
Designer: MATERIAL
Dealer Surface:
Country: Japan Body:
Manufacturer: Internal or base:
Brand: ELMO Frame:
Quantity Type: Style:
Numbering: 79850 Subject: Model specifications: ST-800 8mm

Special speaker : 47 x 18 x 27 cm


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