This item is purely mechanical operation (no power supply required), can print numbers with bump marks and other hidden notes, and can still be used normally for decades, which shows that the quality is stable and reliable. It has long since ceased to be used and has flowed into the collectibles market.

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Details & Specs
Year of Creation: Dimensions and Weight
Estimate(years): 50 Width : 23 cm 9  in
Originality: Height: 18 cm 7 in
Artist: Depth 29 cm 11.5  in
Features: Weight: 6.5  kg 14.3 lb.
Region of Origin: The above data is a simple manual measurement.
Designer: MATERIAL
Dealer Surface:
Country: USA Body:
Manufacturer: Internal or base:
Brand: Frame:
Quantity Type: Style:
Numbering:H66853 Subject:


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