.The product has experienced more than a hundred years of vicissitudes of life, still clean and less rust, the function of the machine is still good, the shutter works normally, although the skin cavity is seriously leaking, the lens has mildew, the dark box part of the skin is replaced by the collector, but still does not lose the collection decoration Display treasures.

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Details & Specs
Year of Creation: 1910 Dimensions and Weight
Estimate(years): Width : 10 cm 3.9  in
Originality: Height: 22 cm 8.5 in
Artist: Diameter: 17 cm 8.5  in
Features: Weight: 0.75  kg 1.7 lb.
Region of Origin: The above data is a simple manual measurement.
Designer: MATERIAL
Dealer Canada Surface:
Country: Body:
Manufacturer: KODAK Internal or base:
Brand: KODAK Frame:
Quantity Type: Style:
Numbering: Subject:


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